• A membership portal where you can access on-demand styling videos that walks you through discovering every aspect of your style, how to implement it and how to dress in a way that makes YOU look amazing.
  • Access to the private Facebook group full of a community of like-minded women where I hold additional training, answer your questions and you can get the support you need to understand the knowledge that will change how you dress and transform how you feel.
  • A monthly LIVE Q&A session where you can get insight into your personal situation and those burning questions answered by me, a professional Image Consultant, in real-time.
  • An additional monthly how-to video on knowledge and education that’s relevant right now. Whether that’s what to wear to Christmas parties in December, what to pack for a hot holiday in July when the thought of wearing a swimsuit scares the heck out of you or just something that YOU need help with.
  • Monthly content exclusive to members, like a mini-magazine distilling my top tips that I’ve learned from years in the industry and insider information passed on from my knowledgeable contacts. I whittle it all down to just the things that work and make the biggest difference for the least amount of time and effort.
  • Plus, each month I hand-picked a list of current discount codes for fashion brands worth buying from, so you don’t have to do all the legwork but you still save money!  


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1. You're wanting to feel put together and confident, but when you open your wardrobe doors to get ready each morning you’re faced with a rack full of drab clothes that make you feel frumpy.  

2. Or you consistenty find that every shopping trip you go on ends with you feeling rubbish; you can't fnd what you want, when you do find something you like it doesn't look the way you want it to or you just get totally overwhemed with the choice on offer so end up giving up and going home.  

3. You have fallen into the pattern of wearing the same “uniform” day in, day out? Which has resulted in you feeling so bored, uninspired or even embarrased by yourself that you have started to avoid looking in mirrors and always make sure you’re the one taking pictures so you're not featuring in them?  

4. Your body shape or colouring has changed and you no longer know what suits you... 

5. Your style, lifestyle or stage of life has changed so you feel lost in terms of what you like, what you want to wear or worrying about whether you can still wear the clothes you've always loved as you don't want to look inappropriate. Essentially you need to find your new style direction. 


It’s time to learn how to feel more postive about yourself, learn what works for you and what to avoid so that you can show the world the "you" that excites you.  

Anyone can look and feel beautiful, and I want you to know that the "pain" and frustration you’re currently feeling is completely solvable.  

It’s a pain I’ve solved for thousands of women in my 15 years plus as an Image Consultant and Life Coach, so I know I can solve it for you too.  

So please keep reading to find out more...  


What’s the difference between having a wardrobe where you can grab any outfit and you know you’ll look amazing in it… and having a wardrobe overflowing with clothes and yet you never have anything to wear?  

Are you thinking it might be do with… 

  • Having the “perfect” body at the “right” weight and with curves where they’re “meant” to be?
  • Or a natural, inbuilt sense of style that rivals models and fashion editors everywhere? 
  • Having plenty of money to buy designer clothes and even employ a personal stylist who will tell you exactly what to wear? 
  • Having all the time in the world to spend primming, preening and beautifying?  

I can confidently tell you that you don’t need loads of money, the stylish gene, a “perfect” body or plenty of time spent at the salon to look and feel incredible.  

Looking put together, stylish and beautiful is totally within your grasp.  

You just need to know how...with cold, hard facts!  


I’ve been helping women just like you transform their relationship with clothes, how they dress and how they feel about themselves for over 15 years now.  

Using a system that works. A system you can have complete access to in my Grow Your Style Confidence Membership.  

So never again will you be rushing to get ready, standing in front of your wardrobe with the doors open and nothing is making your heart sing. Not clear in your head about how you want to look as you’re so fuzzy on your own style. You can hear your partner calling you to hurry up and so you end up wearing the same thing you always wear as it’s quick and clean. 

But it makes you feel frumpy, uninspired and frustrated, putting you on the point of tears as you realize that this is still an area of your life that you haven’t got sorted and yet again you will be going to an event in your boring black trousers and shapeless top...  

You don’t ever have to experience this again.  

Instead, after taking my advice, I know the following is a pretty accurate summary how you will feel (as clients have told me!)  

- You’re rushing to get ready and are very short of time, but you’re not worried because you have the right clothes in your wardrobe and the knowledge so you can put together an outfit in minutes that you know not only looks great but also showcases the best bits of you!  

- You then grab a pair of earrings and put on some lippy that complements your colouring and in seconds you feel more put together than when you use to spend an hour getting ready.  

Getting dressed is no longer a drawn-out, painful process, but a part of your day that just works. That you don’t have to expend massive mental energy on but leaves you feeling beautiful with very little effort on your part. 

That can be your reality.  


“Before Kate I felt lost, frumpy and mumsy. I was struggling with colours, fabrics, fit - basically everything!  

My time with Kate was nothing short of absolutely amazing, enlightening, fun, educational and professional. I have learned so much that I feel like my brain is going to explode with so much new information and knowledge and I now have the confidence to make informed decisions based on all of the information provided.  

I feel like a new, better, more confident version of me and am wearing clothes that truly match my age, colouring, body shape, personality, and lifestyle. Thank you so much Kate, your work here is done!”  

-- Ciara Aspinall, Director of Stepping Stones International Recruitment Agency  


“Having recently had a baby, I’ve been struggling with learning how to dress for my new body shape but also been getting stuck into a leggings and t-shirt rut!  

As always, Kate has managed to wave her magic wand and show me in a concise and simple way the mistakes I’ve been making with my wardrobe. I’ve continued to wear oversized clothing as a hangover from pregnancy but she has shown me that I have a waist worth highlighting!  

With a few simple tweaks and changes I can go from ‘slummy mummy’ to ‘yummy mummy’. I am feeling so much more confident about the way that I look and what I need to shop for moving forward.”  

-- Emily Martell, Executive PA  

“Before Kate, I felt frustrated by what I looked like, totally overwhelmed by how much was in my wardrobe (but how little of it I wore).  

Kate literally waved a magic wand. She showed me how to dress, how to shop and pull it all together in a style that felt like me - just better. I can safely say I don’t know how I would have done it without her. I didn’t know it was possible to have achieved all this in such a short space of time. Thank you Kate from the bottom of my heart.”  

-- Hannah Cooper, Private Caterer  


-- Studies show that when you feel good about how you look this massively improves your happiness and self-confidence, which means you’re far more likely to hit your goals, do something amazing for humanity or just complete a stressful school run without crying! -- 

-- Studies also show that people treat you differently when you look put together, and I’m sure that’s something you’ve noticed too. We may not like it (or want to admit to it ourselves) but people generally treat us better when we’re looking our best. --  

Now, this isn’t me saying we all need to look perfect so people treat us with respect and kindness. What I’m saying is that when you know you look good, this makes you feel amazing AND increases your self-confidence, which makes day-to-day life easier, more enjoyable and more successful. 

However, all those positives don’t come from you looking amazing....  

They come from you feeling amazing because you know you look good. 

That feeling is confidence and we all know how powerful confidence is...  



What do you think your long division skills would be like if you’d never attended a maths class in your life?!!  

If no one has ever taught you how to dress in a way that makes you look incredible then it’s a bit of a stretch to expect yourself to just know!  


It's a fact.  

As women, we can change so much and that can be through quite a short period of time.  

These changes can be physical, like childbirth, breastfeeding, putting on weight, losing weight or the menopause. Or they can be circumstantial, such as raising children, a change in careers, income fluctuations and children leaving home.  

Therefore the way we view ourselves and how we want the world to see us will change according to these factors.  

However, what makes is really hard is we don't always know how to express what we want to look like or how we can achieve it.  

So even if you do manage to work out what works for you right now, the next change is inevitably just around the corner waiting for you to have to start back at the start again.  


With Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube at our fingertips we’ve grown used to seeing perfection depicted on every screen.  

And this transcends into real life too.  

Because even if you’re not being bombarded with those images on your own social media, everyone around you is and they’ve upped their game in line with what they’re seeing.  

Which is why a school pickup can feel like a scary, intimidating place and a presentation in the office results in you spending more time to achieve the perfect outfit than you spend writing the actual presentation.  


Right now is also the best time for you to learn how to dress for you, because if you’ve got this far down the page I know this is a big enough problem for you that you’re willing to learn.  

You feel so frustrated that you’re ready to make sure you never feel like that again.  

And the thing is, until we get to that point, it can be beyond difficult to take on board new teachings; especially when they concern how we look. 

Body image is a very sensitive subject for virtually every woman out there, but once we’re open to learning then we’re ready to crack on!  

So don’t beat yourself up about how you wished you had sorted this out sooner. Now is the perfect time for you.  

If you’re ready to join a supportive and judgment-free group of women transforming their relationship with how they look and finally learning how to put an outfit together that makes YOU shine…  

Here’s how... 


The membership that helps you find and embrace your true style so you can wear clothes with confidence and feel put together for any occasion. Transforming how you feel about yourself and how the world sees you. 


  • In ten minutes you will be able to join a group of supportive women and have access to all the on-demand style videos to finally learn how to dress in way that works amazingly for you.  
  • In a week you will have binged watched a massive amount of the on-demand video training (most new members do in their excitement about the possibilities) and be eagerly sorting through your wardrobe finally understanding why you never felt good in that dress, and how to style your favorite shirt that before never seemed to work with anything. It’s a great feeling for clothes to no longer baffle you anymore!  
  • In a month’s time you will have experienced a live Q&A, where you finally got to ask all those style questions you never had anyone to ask before, and a brand new how-to video relevant to right now (like what to wear to all those office Christmas parties in December, or how to know what swimwear will suit your body shape in time for your summer holiday). You might have also been sneaking out for shopping trips whenever you can because shopping is no longer a torture session, it’s now a fun experience where you can test out your new styling skills and and either come away with a purchase that looks amazing on you or not buy anything as the higher standards you now have for yourself means you won't compromise and waste money on less than great.
  • In three month’s time you will find getting dressed each morning takes minutes AND you look better than when it used to take you an hour to decide what to wear. Opening your closet doors fills you with joy and excitement as you know you have an outfit you can put on for any occasion that makes you feel (and look) incredible. People have been asking you what’s changed, why you seem so much happier and confident and how you always look so put together… People are noticing the change not just in how you look, but how you act and carry yourself as well.  
  • In a year’s time it feels like your whole life has changed. You had no idea what an impact feeling and looking amazing would have. Your confidence has been transformed- you now go after opportunities that you would have shied away from before and those compliments haven’t stopped!

I see this transformation with my clients time and time again.  

I know this process works because I’ve seen it work thousands of times.  

Now it’s your turn to have your transformation!  


1 - A membership portal where you can access on-demand styling videos (webinars) - Finally learn exactly how to dress in a way that makes YOU look amazing.

  • There are videos walking you through how to identify your personal style, how to dress for your body shape and how to identify the colour palates that work best for you - the basics of how to dress that no one has ever taught you before!
  • Problem solver videos so no matter what body part you think is an issue I can teach you effective dressing so you look and feel beautiful, every part of you.
  • Training to help you pull it all together. Think packing for hot holidays, seasonal style and staying fashionable but still dressing for you, creating a capsule wardrobe and more…
  • PLUS more videos are added every month!  

Value: £383 / $497 

Here are few screenshots of current members discussing how helpful they found these styling videos in the Facebook Group: 

2 - Access to the private Facebook group where I hold additional training, Q&As and you can get the support you need to understand the knowledge that will change how you dress and transform how you feel. 

When we’re learning new things and make major life changes (trust me, changing what you wear can definitely change your life) you need support from people who understand what you’ve been through, what you’re going through now and give you the accountability to keep going.  

THAT is what this Facebook group is all about.  

There is no such thing as a stupid question and it’s a judgment-free, safe space to support you as you go through this process. I have included some screenhots of the types of conversations going on in the group...  

Value: £266 / $347 

Here are some more screenshots of conversations inside the group: 

3 - A monthly LIVE Q&A session where you can get your burning questions answered by me, a professional Image Consultant, in real-time.  

Most online courses give you the knowledge but don’t give you the support you need or the option to ask those inevitable questions, which is why I decided to do a membership.  

I wanted to offer you the type of ongoing support you would expect from the real world when you buy education offline, and bring that support to the online world.  

So welcome to my virtual office!  

Value: £75 / $97

4 - A monthly how-to video on knowledge and education that’s relevant RIGHT NOW.

Whether that’s what to wear to Christmas parties in December, what to pack for a hot holiday in July when wearing a swimsuit fills you with dread or just something that YOU need help with (I’m always open to creating more education on what YOU need to know, so you can put in requests on what you want these videos to be about!)  

These videos will then be added to the membership portal which means you can access them and rewatch them whenever you like!  

No more panic about what to wear for a certain season or an occasion that you have no idea how to dress for, the monthly how-to videos are here to help!  

Value: £112 / $147 

5 - Monthly content exclusive to members - Think of it like a mini-magazine on everything fashion, style and looking your best.

Full of my top tips that I’ve learned from years in the industry and knowledgable contacts that pass on insider information, I’m whittling all that down to just the things that work and make the biggest difference for the least amount of time and effort.  

Value: £28 / $37 

Plus, as a bonus, each month I hand-picked a list of current discount codes for fashion brands worth buying from, so you don’t have to do all the legwork!  

Value: The amount you save on all your shopping! 

An in-person consultation with me costs £395 (or $497) and you have to book at least four months in advance! 

But the Grow Your Style Confidence Membership is just £81 (or $105) every three months.

And in the membership you not only get all that knowledge AND access to me, but you also get all the above tools, education, and support.


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I totally understand that the internet is full of people trying to sell you things and it can be a scary minefield navigating who to trust and who to avoid!

So let me tell you how I got here.  

I started out as a Primary School teacher and left the profession in 2004 to work in Design.  

Around this time my mum had her “colours done”, I followed suit and had such great results I realized this was what I wanted to do with the rest of my life; help other women to look and feel as amazing as I did after!  

I trained with Colour Me Beautiful in 2004 and after working as an Image Consultant for four years I decided I wanted to offer more depth to my service and go beyond “the surface”; so in 2009 I trained to be a Life Coach at the University of Newcastle.  

I love fashion, styling and the creative process of helping people feel really good about themselves through the clothes they wear. However, more importantly, I love being able to use my knowledge and experience as a Coach and Image Consultant to help others gain more clarity about themselves, their style and where they are going in life.  

My fulltime job, for the past 15 plus years, has been helping women like you understand how you want to dress, how you want to be seen, and to show you how to evolve your style and sense of self so that you feel like “you” again but more “put together”.  

This career has enabled me to work with such a diverse range of people and situations; CEO’s, managers, lawyers, retailers, brands, mums, creatives, and scientists.  

I’m not someone who started in this industry a year or two ago with a knack for putting an outfit together.  

I’ve been helping women for over 15 years after completing thorough training and education, and now I want to help even more people which is why I created the Grow Your Style Confidence Membership I’m offering you today.  


“I still cannot believe the change in myself since I asked Kate to help me sort out my wardrobe. The whole experience was so enlightening. Kate was incredibly helpful and made it so relaxing, stress-free and extremely useful.  

Since then many people have commented on how good I look, asked if I have been on holiday or lost weight… And it’s because I’m wearing colours and styles of clothes suit me, and I now know where to find them!"  

-- Emily Matthews, Stay at Home Mum  

"Before I worked with Kate I really struggled with shopping for clothes.  

The vast array of options was overwhelming, and I kept purchasing pieces that I then couldn't get to work across my wardrobe, leaving me with lots of one-hit-wonder items.  

I also had lots of clothes that I just didn’t feel a million dollars in and didn’t know how to style to make them work better for me.  

Kate is incredibly friendly, warm and welcoming, she very quickly understood me, my current style and where I wanted to be style-wise.  

I am now able to shop with utter confidence, easily ignoring items in store that don’t work for me colour wise and shape-wise, halving my shopping time and meaning I actually enjoy it.  

I feel a million times more comfortable in my clothes, with my body shape and much more informed to make purchasing decisions I know I won’t live to regret.  

In a nutshell, I feel empowered to be the best version of me.  

This is an investment well made, I wish I had done it sooner as it would have saved me so much money, not buying the wrong things!"  

-- Kate Darch, Marketing Manager  

"Kate is a magician in every sense of the word.  

She has been able to magic up a whole new wardrobe for me with clothing that I would never have thought of in terms of colours, styles, matching items and far more.  

She has transformed not only the time it takes me to get ready for any occasion but most importantly how I feel as I walk out the door.  

I no longer feel decidedly average and classically boring but rejuvenated, fresh and elegant and have gained an air of confidence born of my new found look.  

Thank you so much Kate!"  

-- Jayne George, Business Coach  


I understand you might have questions, most of my clients have lots before they come to see me, and this means they’re committed. While some people think success comes from knowledge, time or money, I know success (in any endeavor) comes from commitment and making sure it’s the right opportunity for you.  

So here are the top (and most asked questions) about the membership:

1 - I think my legs are too short / boobs are too big / tummy too round / I weigh too much to ever find clothes that actually look nice on me, so can your membership really help? 


However, you look right now is perfect for this membership. I can guarantee that in all my 15 years of being an image consultant I will have helped at least a 100 (but probably more like a 1,000) ladies with the exact concern you’re having right now.  

And while those ladies walked in my studio with those concerns, they walked out knowing exactly how they should dress.  

PLUS, I have a whole range of on-demand training available for you to watch whenever you want to help you “problem-solve” on topics like:  

  • How to dress if you are bottom-heavy
  • How to dress if you are top-heavy
  • How to disguise a full tummy
  • How to dress if you don’t have a defined waist
  • How to flatter a full bust
  • How to dress if you’re petite
  • How to dress if you’re tall  

You are perfect as you are, let me help you show the world that too!  

2 - I don’t have the time to go shopping or spend hours getting ready, with two kids and a more than a full-time job I can’t spend my mornings in front of the mirror primping and preening...  

Neither can I! I have two children (one of which has special needs), two dogs, a husband and a business to run; efficiency and time are of the essence!  

In all seriousness, what you learn in the membership allows you to spend less time on your appearance but end up looking more put together and feeling incredible about yourself.  

Just like if you tried to do your job with no training it would take you double the time and the results would be pretty rubbish; the same applies to styling yourself.  

Once you have the knowledge, the time you use to need for shopping and getting ready can easily be halved AND you get better results!  

Plus, you have access to all aspects of the membership and the on-demand training for whenever you like all while your membership is live, so the membership works on your time schedule, not the other way round!  

3 - Money is a little bit tight in my household, is the membership really worth the investment?

I do accept that the membership does come with an investment and if that doesn't work for your budget I totally understand; I would never want anyone to overstretch their budget or get into debt for this!  

However, can I ask you to think about how much money have you wasted in the past on clothes that once you got them home and took the tags off, realized that actually, they do nothing for you?  

Or that have sat in your wardrobe and you’ve never worn…  

Or opportunities that you’ve let pass by because you didn’t feel confident enough in yourself to grab them with both hands?  

All of my clients find that the membership actually saves them money because they’re no longer buying clothes, makeup or jewelry that doesn't suit them.  

Also, let's not forget the time saved in frustrating shopping trips where it takes three goes to find something thats "ok"to wear to that important event coming up, but then never actually put on again because you didn’t feel good on the night.

I can definitely save that from happening to you again!  

4 - Do I have to get rid of all my clothes? I know decluttering is a craze right now but I can’t buy a new wardrobe all in one go!

Don’t worry! I won’t be suggesting you throw out everything in your closet and start from scratch.  

What I actually teach you is how to work out which of the clothes in your wardrobe suit you and how best to wear them.  

While most of my clients end up needing to buy a couple of pieces (although want might be a better word than need…) ALL my clients discover a whole selection of clothes that look amazing on them that were already sat at the back of their wardrobe, they just didn’t know how to wear them! 

5 - Can you really help me with an online membership? I’ve seen other people who do what you do and they always seem to either do it in person or as a course…

Let’s start with the online versus in-person debate because I still do a lot of in-person sessions.  

Hoerver, the problem with in-person sessions is that they are much more expensive AND you have to pay every time you need some help.  

My in-person sessions cost £395 (around $500) , versus a three-month membership that you can get for just £81 (or $105) so you are getting alot of information for a fration of the cost.  

Plus with the membership option, not only do you learn my entire process from the on-demand training but you also have ongoing support and further training from me because, as I said earlier, most of the best students usually have a lot of questions and of course we all have individual situations that might need some individual advice.  

Which is why I think a membership works far better than an online course. I don’t want you to walk away and have no one you can ask your burning questions to because that woudl be realy frustrating for you and stop you getting the most out of the information!

6 - I don’t use Facebook, should I still join the membership?

I will be honest, the Facebook group is a huge part of the value you’re getting as part of this membership.  

You will still be able to access the on-demand video training in the membership portal and the monthly content but everything else really happens over in the Facebook group.  

An easy solution would be to just set up a Facebook account for the purpose of being part of the group, you don’t need to do anything else with your account. :) 

7 - What if I want to cancel? Can I do that? 

Of course!  

I wouldn’t want anything taking up space in your life that no longer serves you, so if you get to a point where the membership is no longer what you want or need then all you have to do is send me a quick email to and we will get that sorted for you! 

8 - I have another question but it’s not listed here, what should I do? 

Just send an email to and let’s chat! :) 

9 - I really, really want to join, it sounds amazing! What’s the link to buy again? 

Just click one of the buttons below to sign up to the membership!

Based in the UK? (So am I!) Would you prefer to pay in pounds? Click the button below.

Based elsewhere in the world? Would you prefer to pay in dollars? Click the button below.

"I have come away with a lot more confidence in knowing what will suit my tall, flat-chested frame! I can say that now with a smile and not a cringe because of your help.  

You are such a lovely lady and your kind words were a massive help… I feel as though the fog has gone, the blinkers lifted and the light can now, at last, find its way through!  

I will be shouting your name as loud as I can to people! I can’t wait to tell all my work colleagues about how fabulous you are.  

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me feel more fabulous again!"  

-- Mrs Claire L, Teacher  

I’m so excited to help you learn your perfect personal style, support you through changes and help you transform not only how you look, but how you feel and your confidence as well.  

I’ll see you inside!